24 March Update

Police officers in Foleshill, Coventry tried to enforce the UK lockdown before their emergency powers came into force by disrupting a barbecue. Police said they tipped over the barbecue and insisted the group, which included a small child and people in their 60s, disperse.

Less than a day before, the prime minister has demanded the closure of all but essential shops, instructing police to deter people from leaving their homes. Gathering in groups larger than two is no longer allowed in order to enforce physical distancing, which is considered vital to stopping Covid-19. Parliament had yet to vote on the Coronavirus Bill, on 25th March.

Police in Crewe have stopped motorists to ask them for the purpose of their journeys as part of the lockdown across the UK in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, Sir Peter Fahy, a former chief constable of Greater Manchester police, said enforcing the lockdown would be impossible if it was solely down to stretched officers and that community and social pressure was key. “They can’t really enforce it,” he said.

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