28 March Update

Police time is being wasted with calls reporting neighbours who’ve had “two runs”. Humberside has become the first police force to create a dedicated online “portal” where people can submit written tip-offs if they spot gatherings of more than two people. Other forces including West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Avon and Somerset are following suit. N.B. The legislation doesn’t actually limit you to going out once for exercise, so people having two runs are not breaking the law (just the guidance).

In Greater Manchester, police have interpreted lockdown instructions on regular exercise to say you cannot drive anywhere to do so. You can only walk, cycle or run to and from your home, they’re handing out leaflets reading ‘Why are you here today?’ And here is Northumberland’s stated policy: if you refuse to go home, you’ll be fined.

Devon and Cornwall police were stopping people at road blocks in Exeter yesterday, forcing people to wind down their windows and then leaning in to ask them what they are doing. No masks, a foot or less away.

London’s former police counter-terrorism chief Richard Walton, who authored a paranoid Policy Exchange report on @XRebellionUK, now claims that though most people not wanting to gather together, “this will not stop a minority of groups from potentially exploiting the crisis for their own ends“.

Police should be allowed to fire baton rounds and use tasers against people who defy the Government’s coronavirus lockdown according to a former senior officer. Kevin Hurley, who served in both the Metropolitan and City of London police forces, made the controversial suggestion on Iain Dale’s LBC radio show.

In the midst of demands to stay home, police assist private security to evict people squatting one of Brighton’s 665 empty commercial buildings. “One of the police officers knocked our disabled friend to the floor.

For some context, read ‘From stop and search to coronavirus – increased police powers will always harm people of colour‘ (includes comments from @netpol)

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