27 – 29 April Update

POLICING Campaigners from Big Brother Watch have published its first monthly “Emergency Powers & Civil Liberties” review [PDF], which is aimed at members of Parliament. The 91-page report reveals what it calls “staggering incompetence in police use of emergency laws – including wrongful convictions” and “a postcode lottery of pandemic policing that’s inconsistent and oftenContinue reading “27 – 29 April Update”

24-26 April Update

POLICING Over the weekend, there were the now-familiar stories about senior police officers urging people to stay home and as many reported incidents of atrocious driving on Britain’s roads as there were about fines for lockdown infringements. In Widnes in Cheshire, police using closure order powers at a home where there had been repeated warnings about breaches of lockdown regulations andContinue reading “24-26 April Update”

21 – 22 April Update

POLICING Like Sussex Police, Dorset Police is still advising people to avoid driving for their daily exercise if possible, even though last week the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) and the professional standards body the College of Policing published a document that categorically stated it is “lawful to drive for exercise”. Apparently, Dorset Police haveContinue reading “21 – 22 April Update”

20 April Update

POLICING Chief Superintendent Paul Griffiths president of the Police Superintendents’ Association warned today that police must prepare for a “more volatile and agitated society” after the end of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. Perhaps appropriately, therefore, the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) of the House of Commons and the House of Lords met to examineContinue reading “20 April Update”

18 – 19 April Update

POLICING There was widespread national media coverage of a video shared on Twitter showing a Lancashire Police officer threatening to fabricate a charge to detain a young man up, saying “I’ll lock you up… We’ll make something up… who are they going to believe, me or you?” in what Netpol called an unusual moment ofContinue reading “18 – 19 April Update”

14-15 April Update

POLICING Coastal police forces are using number plate tracking technology to identify and fine “holidaymakers” who have driven to their areas. Sussex Police issued more than 100 fixed penalty notices to people from outside the county and more than 50 fixed penalty notices to day-trippers in Brighton living outside Sussex. An Aberdeen surfer was finedContinue reading “14-15 April Update”

11-13 April Easter Weekend Update

POLICING The predictions last week by senior police officers that more and more people would flout the rules over the Easter bank holiday weekend – and that they might require tough coronavirus lockdown restrictions – proved unfounded. By and large, people have listened to reminders to stay home and practice physical distancing when they needContinue reading “11-13 April Easter Weekend Update”