11-13 April Easter Weekend Update

POLICING The predictions last week by senior police officers that more and more people would flout the rules over the Easter bank holiday weekend – and that they might require tough coronavirus lockdown restrictions – proved unfounded. By and large, people have listened to reminders to stay home and practice physical distancing when they needContinue reading “11-13 April Easter Weekend Update”

9 April Update

POLICING With the Easter weekend approaching, there were renewed reports that senior police officers were lobbying the government to consider toughening coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The Guardian reported that these may include “stringent restrictions to prevent people [from] driving long distances” and tougher enforcement to limit exercise to once a day. One police chief is quotedContinue reading “9 April Update”

6 April Update

Policing It is now two weeks since Boris Johnson announced Britain’s lockdown. Despite numerous and strong indications that the government’s efforts to persuade people to stay at home over an unseasonably warm weekend has been a rare policy success, Health Minister Matt Hancock still appears to be preparing the public for the possibility of further,Continue reading “6 April Update”

5 April Update

Policing Evidence that the majority of the public were yesterday complying with regulations on restricting movement has not prevented the continuing warnings that tougher rules are on the way. On the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested the possibility of an outdoor exercise ban after people were seen sunbathing in parks. ThereContinue reading “5 April Update”

3 April Update

POLICING Today, Greater Manchester Police announced it was launching an online webpage for people to report anyone breaking lockdown rules.  In response, Netpol said, “we need to talk (at a safe distance) to people in our communities, not denounce and criminalise them. Our neighbours are not the enemy!” Police Scotland has confirmed that so farContinue reading “3 April Update”

1 April Update

POLICING Public pressure has forced what is, at least, a partial retreat from the enthusiasm of a number of police forces for interpreting government guidance on what a ‘reasonable excuse’ for leaving home as if this was written into law. This led to the setting up of roadblocks, stopping and questioning people and arbitrary decisionsContinue reading “1 April Update”