28 March Update

Police time is being wasted with calls reporting neighbours who’ve had “two runs”. Humberside has become the first police force to create a dedicated online “portal” where people can submit written tip-offs if they spot gatherings of more than two people. Other forces including West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Avon and Somerset are following suit.Continue reading “28 March Update”

27 March Update

After initial confusion yesterday, some clarification from @PoliceChiefs, rules on what you can do outdoors, and how you could be fined, summarised by BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani. Still waiting for the full guidance to police forces on all coronavirus powers, not just on social – or rather: physical – distancing. Police have already issued finesContinue reading “27 March Update”

26 March Update

Derbyshire Police sent out their drone unit to and ‘beauty spots’ in the Peak district, and tweeted footage captured at Curbar Edge the night before. The camera zoomed in to isolated people questioning why they were out there, and blaming them for walking their dog and not staying at home. The police tweeted: ‘Daily exerciseContinue reading “26 March Update”

24 March Update

Police officers in Foleshill, Coventry tried to enforce the UK lockdown before their emergency powers came into force by disrupting a barbecue. Police said they tipped over the barbecue and insisted the group, which included a small child and people in their 60s, disperse. Less than a day before, the prime minister has demanded the closureContinue reading “24 March Update”

23 March Update

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) calls for ‘urgent’ legislation to protect officers from the public. The Federation has called on Home Secretary Priti Patel to introduce urgent legislation to enforce social distancing to protect officers from members of the public who may be infected with the coronavirus. Exactly what the Police Federation’sContinue reading “23 March Update”